Eco Soul Magic primer 01 Glow Pink
Eco Soul 魔法打底液 (亮粉色)

容量: 30g

使用後, 肌膚充滿水分, 光澤而且更健康, 使疲倦肌膚重拾光澤
含有阿拉斯加冰川水及阿爾卑斯山植物,及海藻糖, 能長效為肌膚補水, 並含有栗子提取物, 填滿肌膚不平的位置, 更加入辣木提取物, 加強保護肌膚.

Eco Soul Magic primer 01 Glow Pink

Capacity: 30 g

Cheerful green-toned cream create moist, healthy and bright complexion for fatique and lackluster skin.
It contains Swiss Alpine herbs, Alaska Glacier water, Trehalose, which offer lasting hydration.
It also contains chestnet extract to smooth the skin and also moringa extract to protect the skin from pollutants.
7-Free Formula is adopted.