Eco Soul Long-wear BB Cream

容量: 40ml

非常持久, 同時完美遮瑕, 控油及遮去偏紅肌膚!
含有阿拉斯加冰川水及阿爾卑斯山植物, 另含有波羅, 奇異果及美擷草複合物, 幫助肌膚提亮膚色, 同時含有控油粉質, 保持清爽, 用後肌膚平滑, 遮去粗大毛孔!

7 無配方 : 無焦油,三乙醇胺,對氨基苯甲酸,石油, 二苯甲酮 烷基硫酸鹽, 苯甲酸 (防腐劑)

使用方法 :
搽上皮膚後, 輕輕向外順紋推開.

Eco Soul Long-wear BB Cream

Capacity: 40ml

All- day lasting bb cream with perfect coverage which help to control oil and cover the redness.
It contains Swiss Alpine Herb complex, Alaskan Glacier water and also tee tree extract which offer anti-bacterial and soothing effect.
Brightening complex of pineapple, kiwi and and Lady's Mantle offers brightening effect to the skin. Its sebum control powder helps to absorb excess sebum so that the makeup stay fresh.
After usage, the skin also looks smooth and silky.
7 Free system : No Paraben, Tar, Triethanolamin, PABA, Petrolatum, benxophenon, SLS.

Apply to skin and spread along the texture.