Kumerahou Calming Lip & Eye Remover
Kumerahou 舒緩眼唇卸妝液

容量: 170 ml

Kumerahou天然溫和地卸去眼唇彩妝, 含有天然椰子提取物, 非常溫和, 而且適合敏感肌膚使用, Kumerahou這種植物能夠維繫泡泡, 不須化學物質, 使肌膚充滿水份, 清爽而不覺繃緊, 而且使用後肌膚更加柔滑!

其他成份如白芷,魚腥草,雷公草,紫蘇葉,蒲公英及迷迭香, 幫助肌膚排毒, 抗炎, 舒緩及加強補水功效, 另外, 也加入蘆薈, 以提高舒緩效果!

Kumerahou Calming Lip & Eye Remover

Capacity: 170 ml

Kumerahou calming cleanser comes from natural soap, and it also contains natural surfactant like coconut--causing minimum trouble on skin, enables mildest cleansing. Kumerahou, a plant that renders natural bubbles without chemical component, gives you new experience of mild, clean, fresh and silky texture after cleansing! At the same time, it gently removes the waterproof eye and lip make-up.

Other ingredients include aloe vera, angelica, heartleaf houttuynia, Asiatic pennywort, perilla, dandelion and rosemary, which offer soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.