ECO EARTH POWER Face&body Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++
ECO EARTH POWER 溫和防曬(適合小朋友使用)

容量: 120 ml

經過安全測試, 並採用 7 無配方, 無礦物油, 苯甲酸(防腐劑), 二苯酮, 丙二醇 滑石粉, 人工色素和甲醛
當中主要成分包括阿拉斯加的植物(fireweed), 幫助皮膚細胞更新, 舒緩及抗敏; 熱帶地區的楊桃, 為皮膚提供維他命A,B,C,E, 有助美白及促進皮膚製做膠原蛋白;來自南美高地安第斯山的秘魯人蔘((瑪卡), 有豐富的天然礦物, 有效抗氧化及提供美白功效; 埃及沙漠的長青葉(Mulukhiya) 有助抗敏及防止老化
並加入金盏花及洋甘菊, 溫和不刺激, 適合大人小朋友使用


取出適當份量, 均勻塗在肌膚上

ECO EARTH POWER Face&body Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

Capacity : 120 ml

Safe formulation: UV mineral filter, Safety tested, free of 7 additives (mineral oil, paraben, benzophenon, PG, Talc, artificial colorant, Formaldehyde)
The main ingredients include fireweed from Alaska (For cell renewal, soothing and anti-irritation), Sarfruit from tropical region( provision of vitamin A,B,C,E, whitening and collagen synthesis promotion), Maca from a Highland of South America, Andes Mountain(Rich in minerals, whitening and anti-oxidation) and also Mulukhiya from Egyptian desert (evergreen leaves with anti-allergy and anti-aging properties)
With extra addition of calendula and chamomile, which offers mild protection to both adults and children.


Apply appropriate amount on to the skin evenly.