Snail Essential BB cream
Snail Essential 蝸牛BB霜

容量: 50 ml

蘊含高濃度蝸牛黏液, 神經醯胺及透明質酸, 能有效促進肌膚細胞再生, 修護皮膚, 改善皮膚質素。蝸牛黏液為皮膚補充水分, 幫助皮膚製造骨膠原及改善皺紋素。神經醯胺亦幫助修復皮層, 配合透明質酸能大大提高補濕功效。

BB 霜質地水潤, 集合抗皺, 美白, 水潤, 遮瑕, 防曬-5 種功效

使用方法 :
於護膚後, 將適當的份量,均匀地搽上皮膚.

Snail Essential BB cream

Capacity: 50 ml

It contains high concentration of snail mucin filtrate, ceramide and hyaluronic acid which help to repair cell damage and barrier, minimize visible lines and lack of firmless by supplying intense nutrition. Snail mucin filtrate has outstanding ability of hydration supply, wrinkle diminishment and collagen synthesis stimulation. Ceramide helps to repair the skin barrier and hyaluronic acid helps to retain the moisture which greatly enhance the moisturizing effect.

The nourishing BB cream create moist, flawless complexion which offers wrinkle care, brightening and sun protective benefits.

After daily skincare procedures, apply an appropriate amount to the skin evenly.