Mint Jungle Foot Peeling

主要成份為胡椒薄荷, 綠薄荷 蘋果薄荷有舒緩, 抗菌抗炎的功效, 能有效提供為他命A及維他命C

含有不同的水果提取物, 包括蘋果, 檸檬, 石榴, 橙及木瓜的提取物, 蘋果提取物幫助軟化死皮, 檸檬有效除味及使腳部清爽, 石榴有效抗氧化及抗菌, 橙及木瓜加強抗氧化功效, 使雙腳的肌膚更有光澤

洋甘菊, 綠茶及薰衣草三種草本精華, 加強腳部護理, 為腳部肌膚補充水分, 同時加強對雙腳的保護, 另外還加入摩洛哥堅果油, 使腳部的肌膚更富彈性而不易老化


清潔雙腳後, 敷上大約1.5小時, 腳皮會慢慢脫落

Mint Jungle Foot Peeling

Major ingredients include spearmint, peppermint and apple mint which sooths and relaxes and skins. It also provides anti-bacterial functions and reduces chance of inflammation. They all together also supply rich amount of vitamin A and C.

5 fruits ingredients are added to enhance the peeling effect of the mask, including, apple, lemon, pomegranate, orange and papaya. Apple extract helps softens cornea skin and balance skin. Lemon extract helps remove foot odor. Pomegranate provides anti-oxidizing and anti-bacterial functions. Orange and papaya extracts further enhance the anti-oxidizing effects.

3 natural herbs are also added for skin comforting, regeneration, anti-oxidizing and protection of the skin of the foot. Argon oil is also added to supply rich nutrition and water to the skin.


Apply on the foot after cleansing for 1.5 hrs.