Dr Beauty Cell Renew BB Cream SPF50+, PA+++
Dr Beauty細胞再生BB霜 SFF50+, PA+++

容量 : 40 ml

*不含防腐劑, 具有高效防紫外光功能, 回復肌膚至潔淨柔滑的良好狀態的優質BB霜.

極緻貼服, 高持久力及出色的遮瑕效能.

E.G.F (表皮細胞生長因子)能促進不同膚質, 有效地發揮細胞再生功能.

含蝸牛複合成份和豐富礦物質的海蝸牛黏液萃取物, 具有高回復效能及加強皮膚細胞的阻隔能力, 增強肌膚的生命力及長時間保水效能.

Syn-Ake配方改善皺紋的同時, 更能形成保護功能避免多種引致皺紋的外來因素.

使用方法 :
搽上皮膚後, 輕輕向外順紋推開.

Dr Beauty Cell Renew BB Cream SPF50+, PA+++

Capacity : 40 ml

Paraben-free, a premium super BB cream that provides a clean and smooth skin texture and healthy complexion through its strong UV-protection and natural skin-correcting properties.

Excellent adhesion and tenacity, good covering property to against skin imperfections such as uneven skin tone.

E.G.F. (Epidermal Growth Factor) helps cell regeneration significantly which works for all skin types.

Snail Complex extract and mineral-rich sea snail’s mucus extract enable good regeneration and wound healing, it works well on its barrier effect among skin’s cell, improving the vitality and moisturizing of the skin.

“Botox” like ingredient, Syn-Ake helps in wrinkle improvement and protect the skin against the damage from various factors from environment.

Apply to skin and spread along the texture.