Skin Fit Original BB
Skin Fit Original BB Cream
Skin Fit原味BB霜

容量 : 50 ml

為肌膚保持滋潤, 展現温泉美肌的全效保濕BB霜
能為肌膚提供24小時的優良保濕效果, 蘊含營養豐富的薰衣草精華, 滋潤皮膚, 重現潤滑光澤.

網狀3D結構更易滲透和貼合肌膚, 絲質柔軟的氨基酸成份, 令BB霜更貼服更舒適. 棉花萃取物控制肌膚的水/油份平衡, 皮脂護理配方會吸收過多的皮脂分秘.
另外, 備有3種BB cream, 配合不同類型肌膚需要, 造出最自然的覆蓋效果.

Skin Fit Original BB Cream

Capacity : 50 ml

An all-in-one BB cream which moisturizes your skin to cultivate
Providing an all-day-long moisturizing effect and containing lavender extract that enriched with nutrients.

The 3D mesh structure enables a good penetration for the active ingredients to the skin. Amino acid components which is very similar to the skin makes it comfortable with a soft silky touch. Cotton extract helps maintain the balance of water/oil, sebum control powder ingredient absorbs excess sebum secretion.
In addition, 3 types of BB cream are available to cope with the different skin types, enables a more natural covering effect.