Eco Soul Waterproof Push Liner 01.Twinkle Black
Eco Soul 防水眼線液

4無配方: 無礦物油, 滑石粉, 硫酸鹽及人工香料

每次按一下, 眼線液體才會流出, 確保新鮮, 容易上色而不會化開, 加上採用阿爾卑斯山的植物複合物, 提高水分含量, 溫和而不刺激, 另外, 加入珍珠粉末, 令眼線看起來帶有光澤

Eco Soul Waterproof Push Liner

4-Free Formula: Free of mineral oil, talc, sulphate, artificial flavor

The liquid comes out once you press it, thus ensuring that it is fresh when you use it. The colour is vivid and clear without smear. The main ingredients include Alpine herb complex which increase the moisture. It is gentle and non-irritating. Pearl powder is also added, making the eyeliner looks brighter.