ECO SOUL CC & BB Cream (SPF35/PA++)

容量: 45g

由於CC/BB cream 結合了BB及CC cream, 所以效果比BB cream 更自然, 更補濕,更護膚, 同時又比CC cream 的遮瑕度更高。CC及BB cream 能有效遮蓋毛孔, 及凹凸皮膚, 而且非常上妝。為皮膚補充水分, 同時帶來光澤, 使用後膚色亮澤光彩。

採用白絨花及阿拉斯加冰川水為主要成分, 提供補濕, 抗氧化及消炎功效, 令到乳狀質地充滿水分而不油膩, 分子非常幼細, 大大提高分子對光線的折射能力, 令到面部更有光澤, 另外, 當中含有豐富的天然礦物令到妝容更持久, 對毛孔及皺紋的遮瑕度均有提高。

ECO SOUL CC & BB Cream (SPF35/PA++)

Capacity: 45g

The trendiest CC & BB cream combines both the BB and CC cream. Thus, it has its advantages over both the BB and CC cream, that is, it is more natural and moisturizing, offering more skin care functions than BB cream. At the same time, its coverage is much more better than CC cream. CC & BB includes primer to cover deep furrows and pores, and lightly adheres to skin. Moreover, it provides hydration and lights up the skin.

The main ingredients include the edelweiss and Alaska glacier water, these greatly enhance the moisturizing effects and provide anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory function. The texture hence is non-greasy and watery. Furthermore, as its particles is tiny, it reflects all visible light and give brilliant skin tone. It is also rich in minerals, making the coverage higher and more long-lasting.