Arabia Treasure Ultra Moisture Body Wash
亞拉伯之秘寶 - 極緻滋潤沐浴露

容量 : 250 ml




使用方法 :

相傳早於BC2000年, 亞拉伯女士(及古埃及女王Cleopatra)已懂得燕麥來保護乾燥肌膚,羅馬帝國的醫學文獻亦記載用燕麥治療及清潔肌膚,希臘則用燕麥治療慢性皮膚病.

Arabia Treasure Ultra Moisture Body Wash

Capacity : 250 ml

A body wash for extremely dry skin, in which Arabia fig extract and Ecocert certified organic flower water (Rosemary + chamomile + lavender) soothe the skin and environment-friendly ingredients are naturally degraded by microbes

Oatmeal is a strong moisturizing ingredient, also called an aging-preventing vitamin, because it cares for the body and keeps the skin healthy with its excellent antioxidant function, and maintains and strengthens internal membranes, nerves, and muscles.

And, rich nutrient-filled shea butter that helps skin with severe dryness, including coarse, itchy, very dry, atopic, or chronic dry skin, stay moisturized and comfortable all day long

For shower, apply appropriate amount to the body (or through towels or foam sponge), rinse thoroughly with water after rubbing.

***Beauty Heritage***
It is said that oatmeal, the treasure of Arabia which has been used as a major ingredient in skin beauty since 2,000 B.C., has been used by Arabian women including Cleopatra of ancient Egypt to protect dry skin. It was also recorded in Roman Empire medical literature that it was used as a cleanser for the skin or as a treatment, and the Romans and the Greeks enjoyed oatmeal spas for chronic skin diseases.
In 2003, the U.S. FDA announced oatmeal as a natural moisturizing product because it not only absorbs moisture in the air but also forms a protective layer on the skin to prevent moisture from evaporation.