Ally’s Ajell Luminous Multi Highlighter
Ally’s Ajell 亮澤光暗影

容量: 8g

採用珍珠粉末, 令效果充滿光澤, 輪廓更突出, 當中使用五種不同色彩(橙色及粉色顏色), 令整體效果更自然, 更上色, 球狀的粉末令光線更有效折射, 幫助遮蓋幼紋及粗大毛孔。 另外 加入柳樹樹皮提取物, 幫助控油及令妝容更加持久。

Ally’s Ajell Luminous Multi Blusher

Cacpacity: 8g

It uses pearl powder in the highlighter, expressing natural luster out of fine soft texture, giving contour to monotonous face. 5 different colour balls add brilliance and reflect light and covers fine wrinkles and pores. Moreover, willow tree bark extract, helps to control sebum and give more long-lasting effect.