Eco Soul CC Cream -Moisture Cover
Eco Soul 補濕CC Cream

容量: 40ml

為提供水分, 補濕同時補油膩
CC Cream 包含護膚及防曬功效, 提供抗氧化, 亮澤, 補濕, 抗皺的功效, 效果自然透薄, 同時具有舒緩功效, 幫助皮膚排毒, 有助解決暗瘡問題
採用高山火絨草幫助補濕, 抗氧化及消炎, 並使用含豐富礦物及氧氣的水分, 幫助提高皮膚的細胞更新

潔面後, 取適當份量搽上面上

Eco Soul CC Cream - Clear Bright

Capacity: 40ml

Gives watery texture, provide hydration without feeling greasy. The cc cream is a combination of skincare and make-up products. It provides UV protection, anti-oxidizing, moisturizing, brightening and anti-wrinkle functions. The CC cream gives thin layer and natural look. It soothes the skin and detoxifies the skin, helping removes skin troubles. The main ingredients include edelweiss which provides anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing functions. The mineral oxygen water also increase skin regeneration and defensive system.

Apply appropriate amount on the face after cleansing.