Fruits Punch Guava & Peach Body Mist
Fruits Punch番石榴及桃身體噴霧

容量: 200ml

散發香甜味道, 感覺清爽, 同時達到補水及亮澤功效。
番石榴含豐富維他命, 天然礦物及多酚, 有效提亮肌膚及防止老化。
桃含有豐富維他命, 果膠及水分, 幫助去除皮膚毒素, 加強肌膚提亮及抗老化功效。
生果精華透過擠壓方式提取, 過程中減抵破壞植物纖維, 保持原有的養份。

使用時向身體保持一定距離, 輕拍幫助吸收。

Fruits Punch Guava & Peach Body Wash

Capacity: 200ml

Give sweet and lovely smell, achieve both hydration and whitening effects.
Guava contains abundant vitamins, minerals and polyphenol which provide brightening and anti-aging effect.
Peach is rich in vitamin, water and pectin which help toxin excretion and enhance the brightening and anti-aging effect.
The fruit extract was collected through extrusion by pressure and suction instead of heating or refining with chemicals. Hence this reduces the destruction on the nutrients.

Spray at a certain distance. Pat gently ease absorption.