Dr. Beauty Micro Peel Soft Gel
Dr. Beauty Micro Peel 柔軟啫喱

容量: 160ml

纖細的顆粒呵護妳肌膚, 不會刺激皮膚, 清除死皮細胞和毛孔污垢, 令皮膚潔淨健康. 含白柳樹皮萃取物, 阿爾卑斯山玫瑰植物細胞等, 滋潤肌膚水嫩光滑, 回復柔軟肌膚.

使用方法 :
洗面後先把面部抹乾(眼及唇以外), 搽上將適當份量並輕柔地按摩皮膚(打圈形式), 一會兒便能將死皮及污垢推出, 再以微温水冲洗.

Dr. Beauty Laser Peel Soft Gel

Capacity : 150 ml

A low-irritation exfoliating care that produces soft and transparent skin by restoring a healthy cell cycle.

Fine and soft cellulose particles without irritation to the skin, Scots Pine Tree / Will bark Tree extracts and Alps Rose stem cell help in functioning moisturizing, exfoliating and cell regeneration in order to cultivate a healthy skin condition.

Wipe dry after washing over the entire face except the eyes and lips, spread a generous amount and perform a circular-motion massage gently. Keratin and impurities would be pushed out after a while, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Suggest to use 1-2 times per week, might be adjusted depending on skin type and concerns.